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OrbBlaster Live!

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

So my first flash game OrbBlaster went live yesterday.

The game was created with Flash CS3 and Actionscript 3.0, and took a bit over 2 months of core work. Although I did take a couple of weeks before that to ramp up to AS3.

The hardest part of the process was probably coming up with a cohesive style and feel as well the theme for the gameplay.
My drawing skills aren’t the greatest, so I had to pick a simple style yet still pleasing to the eye. At one point, I was going to go with shooting floating jello happy faces. But that turned out too weird.

I’ve got a couple of games in the pipeline. The one I’m currently working full time on is a more traditional shmup where you can move around, but with a bit of Gauntlet and RPG elements mixed into it. Should be done in a month or so.

Then the game after that is a deeper strategy, RPGish, team arena game. It’s a larger project and one I’ve been looking forward to work on for past couple of years. Hopefully, I’ll have gained enough experience and skills to implement it properly.

I keep hearing about how finishing the game is only half the work, and promoting it is the other half. Well, it looks to be pretty true. In the next couple of posts I’ll talk about my experience in promoting my site and spreading the game.